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Keycap OEM
Keycap OEM
Keycap OEM
Keycap OEM
Keycap OEM
Keycap OEM
Keycap OEM
Keycap OEM
Keycap OEM
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Keycap OEM

High-quality OEM profile Keycaps
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White Moon
TKL 115 caps
Numpad 22 caps
Full 137 caps
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Inventory quantity : 508
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A beautiful set of OEM profile PBT-Keycaps named after the white moon.

In the "Neon Genesis Evangelion" story, Adam and the White Moon are closely intertwined. The White Moon is a massive, egg-shaped structure that rests deep beneath Tokyo-3, the city where much of the story takes place. It is revealed that the White Moon is actually the body of Lilith, another powerful Angel being.

The design of this set is unique, refreshing, and fine-grained, using delicate double-shot molding. This set of Keycaps is also made to last, the letters on the surface will never fade thanks to the toughness of PBT materials. We offer them separately for customers who only need a TKL or a Numpad.

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