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Jul 07,2023 | KBDcraft store

So, we've made these two modules called Adam and Addams, and they're pretty awesome. But we can't stop thinking, what if we combined them somehow to make an even cooler game? Do you think that's possible? Let's brainstorm some ideas together!

We'd like to share some information about Project0110, which was an experiment focused on keyboard modularity. It's considered to be one of the first of its kind in the industry. The project was given the code name 0110 as a tribute to the classic Apple M0110 series keyboard, which has several beautiful variants. Project0110 starts from two technical routes, trying to provide all Adam owners with the joy of experiencing a modular keyboard.

Adam0110a: The flexible mechanical connection of two independent modules

Quick-release mechanism

To achieve the Adam0110a, you only need to possess a Kit Adam and a Kit Addams of any version. The Addams kit comes with 2 extra pairs of pins and sockets, which allow you to combine the modules in any way you like. With the number pad, the 80% Adam keyboard becomes an efficient productivity tool.



Have you seen the Adam0110a (L) with the left-positioned number pad? It's a big plus for the left-handed community.



It's quite fascinating as the ordinary Adam and Addams already offer diverse possibilities without requiring any additional parts. These are just two examples that are officially shown. With some more bricks and plates from your collection, the possibility is actually unlimited.

The Adam0110a solution offers several benefits, particularly for rearranging and storing. In just a matter of seconds, two modules can be easily fixed or released. However, it is important to note that under this concept both modules require simultaneous connection to the computer through two separate wires.

Adam0110b: The deep integration of the two modules

To integrate the two modules, a new PCB is necessary to facilitate inter-module communication, and additional parts are required for merging the case. We are excited to announce that Adam0110b is now released as a bundle with different options.



Maximus Minnick
Feb 22,2024
I love the idea of the Lego keyboard. It’s definitely going to be my first keyboard.
Nov 21,2023
Love this is it available with UK layout keycaps?