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About us

KBDcraft is a cross-tech studio that develops and innovates tools, toys, and electronic gadgets in a new form. Keyboards are the key to our product portfolio. Kit Adam is where the dream starts. Our mission is to build a series of Minecraft-style creative and interactive products in the real world. 

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KBDcraft Roadmap

  • 2023 Sep

03001 Lilith is coming...

  • 2023 June

02001 Addams landed.
It tries to bond with other angels. An experimental of Modularity.

  • 2022 Sep

01001 Adam landed.
It laid the groundwork for practical electronics based on building blocks.

  • 2021 July
The first Prototype of the angels was built.
As The Dead Sea Scrolls forecasted, 12 angels are going to appear.
  • 2021 May
This is where our journey began, we pressed the start button and called it KBDcraft.
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