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Case Addams
Case Addams
Case Addams
Case Addams
Case Addams
Case Addams
Case Addams
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Case Addams

A brick-build Case for the Numpad kit Addams
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Rubber feet and Poron gaskets are included.

Addams Story
The story takes place in a world where Angels, powerful beings capable of manipulating matter and energy, are known to exist. Among them is Adam, a legendary and mysterious figure who has caused chaos and destruction wherever he appears.

One day, rumors begin to circulate among a small group of researchers that Adam had an offspring before his supposed destruction, a being named Addams. They claim that Addams has inherited some of his father's abilities, including the power to merge with Adam and become a new, even more powerful Angel.

As news of Addams spreads, various factions with different agendas seek to find him. Some want to use him as a weapon against Adam and other Angels, while others seek to study his unique abilities to discover the secrets of the Angels' powers.

Addams himself remains hidden from the public eye, struggling to control his own abilities and understand his place in the world. As he learns more about his own nature, he begins to realize that the fate of humanity may ultimately rest on his shoulders.

As the plot unfolds, Addams is pursued by various factions, each with their own motivations and goals. The pressure mounts as they close in on him, and Addams realizes that he must make a choice: to fight against his own destiny or accept it and embrace his true nature.

In a climactic showdown, Addams comes face-to-face with his father, Adam, for the first time. After a furious battle, Addams realizes that the only way to defeat Adam is to merge with him and become a new, all-powerful Angel. With a final burst of energy, Addams merges with Adam and becomes the most formidable creature humanity has ever known.

In the end, Addams' decision to embrace his destiny and merge with his father forever changes the balance of power between Angels and humans. Humanity faces a new era, one in which they must coexist with the powerful beings that have long dominated their world.

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