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Stabi JWK
Stabi JWK
Stabi JWK
Stabi JWK
Stabi JWK
Stabi JWK
Stabi JWK
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Stabi JWK

A upgraded set of pre-lubed plate mount stabilizer
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2U*3 + 6.25U*1
Plate mount
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The upgraded set of plate mount base Stabilizers for KBDcraft's Keyboard

2.0U  Stabilizer *3

6.25U Stabilizer *1

fit for most keyboards,

To further reduce the build/mod efforts and improve the stock performance of KBDcraft's Keyboard, we worked together with the JWK and released this upgraded set of pre-lubed stabilizers. With some optimization of material and implemented lubrication, this set of stabilizers is able to get rid of the rubbing sound and work silky smooth.

Some countries have very strict controls on liquids carried in air cargo. So we decided to forego the extra bag of lube in this set.

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