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Jul 01,2024 | KBDcraft store

Hey, what's up everyone!

We are excited to kick off our product launch once again. Magi-1 represents our latest original creation, as we continue to explore the fusion of consumer electronics with building blocks (LEGO).

Introduction Magi-1: A Smart Hub for iPad mini 6

Initially, we envisioned adding a Smart Hub called Magi to kbdcraft's ecosystem. While unable to create a full-fledged PC at the moment, we explored using our unique modular concept to accommodate existing smart devices. Apple's iPad series emerged as a natural choice. Initially, we experimented with a modular structure to securely hold an iPad mini at a comfortable angle, provide continuous power, and seamlessly integrate with other productivity tools.

As the design work for Magi-1 progressed, we found the project becoming remarkably compelling. Magi-1 gradually took on the appearance of a small Macintosh, making it particularly appealing. Simultaneously, its modular shell design offered versatile features, capable of delivering unexpected functionalities. Thus, Magi-1 evolved into a product we felt compelled to pursue.

SPEC of Magi-1: 

Designed for iPad mini 6 (8.3" tablet)
Optimal tilt angle of 53 degrees
Permanent charging solution
Organized storage for cables and accessories
Manual camera control