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Kit Addams
Kit Addams
Kit Addams
Kit Addams
Kit Addams
Kit Addams
Kit Addams
Kit Addams
Kit Addams
Kit Addams
Kit Addams
Kit Addams
Kit Addams
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Kit Addams

A modular numpad
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Base Kit
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Base/Full Kit
The Base Kit (Barbone) includes everything you need EXCEPT switches and keycaps. The switches and Keycaps are offered with the Full Kit.

Numpad Kit Addams
Kit Addams is a cute numpad and the perfect accessory for laptops. It has inherited the minimalistic fort design style and all the features from Kit Adam, eg. hot-swappable, RGBs, QMK/VIAL, Gasket mount, etc, which are very beloved amount Adam owners. 

Although Kit Adam is a fantastic keyboard, it can be difficult to use for tasks that require a numpad - such as accounting or data entry. This is where Kit Addams comes in - it's a separate module that can be attached to the Kit Adam to provide a fully-functional numpad.

Kit Content
Base Kit: 02002 Case Addams*1  03002 Core17*1  04002 Coil Cable C-C*1  05003 Stabi JWK mini*1  Rubber feet*1 and instructions
Full Kit: 01002b Base Kit *1  06001 Switch S² 18er pack*1  07001 Keycap OEM White Moon Numpad*1

Random Mini-figures

+1 mini-figure for orders under $65
+1 christmas special mini-figure for orders over $65


The Addams kit comes with 2 extra pairs of pins and sockets, which allow you to combine the modules in any way you like.


With the number pad module, the 80% Adam keyboard becomes an efficient productivity tool.


Have you seen the Adam0110a (L) with the left-positioned number pad? It's a big plus for left-handed users.


A deep integration of Adam and Addams. Check out which upgrade do you need.